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Flying Investments, LLC has its own maintenance facility specializing in Falcon Aircraft, located at Drake Field in Fayetteville, AR.  We are capable of doing any maintenance procedure, including the ability to completely re-manufactured Falcon 20 aircraft.  We recently certified the RVSM  STC for all models of the Falcon 20.  We have just finished the STC installation of wireless Broadband Internet, Air Cell Axxess II.  Air Cell, cell phone service in the aircraft is pending for early in 2007.  We have done brake system certification flight testing.  With our engineering contacts and close relationship with a DAS certification organization, we can complete your flight test/certification program in the minimum time possible.


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Press Release (from World Aircraft Sales, Nov. 2006)

work completed at Flying Investments





             Air Cell has announced that FAA certification has been received for the wireless functionality of AirCell Axxess, the company’s flagship sat-com system.  Certification was completed aboard a Falcon business jet.

             In addition, AirCell has successfully completed integration testing, allowing operators to add their choice of Inmarsat data connections to AirCell Axxess.

             Jack Blumenstein, AirCell president and CEO, said that the announcement continues to “fulfill the vision we had for AirCell Axxess from the very beginning - the system’s modularity and expandability is tremendous.”

             “In the cabin, the new wireless capabilities provide the convenience of using your own compatible device, plus the ability to change and grow as ground-based technology marches forward.  Off the aircraft, the new Inmarsat capabilities allow people to add global data capabilities to AirCell Axxess without changing any of the in-cabin hardware - a wonderful example of the system’s network neutral design”.

             With its wireless function enabled, AirCell Axxess provides an 802.11 b/g wireless hotspot aboard the aircraft, passenger can use AirCell Axxess’ in-cabin wireless connection to seamlessly operate laptops and other 802.11 b/g  Wi-Fi devices to surf the Internet, us e-mail, and log on to their corporate VPN’s/

             AirCell Axxess’ new wireless capabilities will also allow operators to use AirCell’s new, certified Wi-Fi handset when they become available in the spring.  Like the rest of the AirCell Axxess family, the new Wi-Fi handsets will feature large-format color displays, internal phone books, integrated headset/earbud jacks, and noise reduction for clear, quiet calling.

             In addition, integration testing is now underway on a variety of COTS (commercial off the shelve) smartphones for use with AirCell Axxess.  More on that system capability will be announced as tcompatible devices become increasingly available on the consumer market in the coming months.


More information from www.aircell.com