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Falcon 20 Jet

Flying Investments

This aircraft boasts a recently completed  Falcon 50 style, nine seat interior.  An airplane that will impress and delight your friends and business associates.

Day or Night this airplane shines with its new exterior colors.  The Falcon line of aircraft have long carried the most aesthetically pleasing lines in the industry,  but the beauty of this airplane is not just skin deep.

The cockpit has a modern cost effective blend of all the latest tools, including completely redundant systems and fully boosted flight controls.  The  avionics and navigation  upgrades, include RVSM, TCAS, TAWS, and the Enhanced GNS-XLS Flight Management System.

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You can enjoy the practical and now affordable benefits of Private/Corporate Jet Ownership.  You never have to worry about missing your flight, because it waits for you.  Avoid the hassles of arriving at a far from home airline terminal 2 hours before flight time, traffic and parking issues, bypass long lines at the ticket counter and security check points.  Fly directly to the airport nearest your final destination, instead of changing planes at an airline hub, with the wasted layover time and additional ground transport because the airline arrival airport is distant from where you need to be.  Turn a 3 day business trip into an out and back same day adventure, home in time for dinner with your family.  Drive right up to the door of your Private jet and


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